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Allure Basswood shutters are made from our most versatile hardwood.
Painted or stained, Basswood is the experts choice.

The straightest of hardwood, with a fine texture that can be sanded to a smooth finish.
They do not warp, and have superior glueing and finishing properties.

Basswood is lightweight and odourless.
It is ideal for special shaped shutters as it stays straight and true.

Allure Polymer Shutters unique manufacturing process allows for the best shutter performance. The aluminium core provides increased strength and durability.

Our shutters have the aesthetic appearance of real wood and won’t crack, split, chip or warp.

Allure Polymer shutters are fire retardant and made from a solid, non-toxic, recyclable material.

Make a statement with our bright and bold aluminium venetians.

With vast colour and control options; including standard cord , it’s easy to tailor this blind to your preferred aesthetic and functionality.

Honeycomb Blinds are composed of a cellular design that maximises energy efficiency and insulation.

Manufactured with a high quality polyester fabric, there are a variety of cell sizes, textures and fabrics to choose from. Cell sizes include 25mm & 38mm and are available in translucent, block out and even double cell.

The Sheer Elegance Blind is an innovative blind made from light weight sheer fabrics that combine opaque and mesh fabric panes to form a double layered blind.

The unique design of the blind allows the different layers to move, creating different levels of light and privacy.

They can be completely open or closed, or rotated to allow viewing between the panes.

Panel Glide Blinds are a great practical solution for larger windows or patio doors. The Panel Blinds consist of large panels of fabric which stack neatly behind one another when open, allowing maximum light into the room. To control light and privacy, just simply slide the panels to the required position. Panel blinds can be configured centre close or one way draw off to the side of your window.

Available in blockout, sunscreen and translucent fabrics.

San Pty Ltd manufacture Uniline vertical tracking system in a range of colours chain control and wand control.

We use Unline and Shaw fabrics in blade sizes of 89mm,100mm and 127mm.

Chainless, sewn in and chained bottom finishers.

San Pty Ltd manufacture blockout and sunscreen roller blinds locally in Derwent Park, Tasmania. Quality industry leading fabrics and blind components are used.

Our leading Australia fabrics suppliers enable us offer a huge range of fabrics colours and designs.

Oslo Series 98 and 99 hospital tracking systems allow many choices of configuration for bed screens in public and private hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and doctors surgeries. It can be attached directly to the ceiling or supported with drop rods.

The Oslo hospital tracks are available as Series 99 standard Systems, (20mm x 38mm dimension) which can be used as a fixed rigid rail as well as the versatile movable rail. The smaller sized section Series 98 (20mm x 25mm dimensions) is only available as a fixed rigid rail layout.

This Series 99 system is supported by a quick loading cassette for fast and easy removal / replacement of curtains. A two wheeled hook runner for free movement of curtains and an adjustable height 5 Point I.V. Tree.

Series 98 and 99 aluminium track can be bent around a 300mm radius allowing multiple layouts to suit your requirements. Available as clear anodised and white powder coated finish as standard.

Oslo Curtain Motors are designed to meet all the requirements of modern living. Its sleek design is coupled with ease of use and state of the art funtions including electronic limit settings, built in wireless receiver and the ability to connect to your home or office network.

Series 81 Turbo track is incredibly slim with clean lines and the "Easy Clip" bracket that is concealed from view, this is a breakthrough in the industry.

The Polyurethane Blet is impregnated with Kevlar from remarkable strength and smooth silent operation. Drive Unit uses double metal bearings.

The motors are powerful but quiet 75 watts the same as the Series 84 with state of the art funtions.

Recommended Max 6.5mtrs long and 40kg maximum weight.

Refer to Series 84 for remote and motor advice.

Oslo Series 79 is an economic domestic curtain tracking system which is suitable for most curtain weights. This system can be supplied in both hand and cord operation and is ideal for bay and corner window applications.

Oslo Series 79 is available as a single, double or triple track, supported by a range of both ceiling and wall mounted brackets that provide a strong durable system with a view to easy installation via die cast locking cams.

his tracking system provides solutions to most domestic applications. Using either snap in gliders or wheeled carriers, it is a smooth running track. Available as custom made to measure or as bulk components in White and Birch White. Satin Silver is also available in some states.

New innovative, stylish European C-Section tracking. Replacing the old out-dated Styleline type tracks, this reinvented new track uses the “Easy Clip” and face fix brackets have cover plates to give a clean finish, hiding all screws.

The face fix bracket also connects to the draw wheel as an end return bracket on cord drawn tracks.

Not only does the modern design set a new benchmark for stylish elegance, it is versatile and strong, suitable for conventional and S-Wave curtains in both domestic and commercial applications. The track system can be bent at a 150mm radius or a continuous curve.

Unlike Anodised, the Platinum has a special electro plated finish allowing runners to glide through the track with minimal friction. Gliders have  UV resistant inhibitors and are low friction. Initially available in White and Platinum with Birch White coming soon and other colours will be introduced as demand grows.

Bringing both fashion, strength and practicality in one bracket, the “Easy clip” which was first introduced on Series 50 Milan, is now used on the Series 74 Venice, allowing fitters to use one bracket system.

Series 70 – Recess Track is designed for top fixing directly into the Gyprock ceiling lining, with the edge of the Gyprock sitting on the flange of the track, so the curtain appears to fall directly out of the ceiling.

Series 67 is a designer track for all modernistic decors. Perfect for that sheer curtain in front of a blind or block out curtain.

Oslo Series 66 is a quality decorator track that comes in plain and reeded profiles. The plain profile is available in gold, soft caramel, black and chrome colours, while the reeded profile is available in gold and antique brass finish.

Oslo Series 65 - Chadwick Rod Slider system is suited to both snap tape for Roller Pleat (S-Fold) curtains and gliders for other curtain styles.

The modern, clean rounded rod is enhanced by a range of decorator pearl effect colours.

Custom Made to Measure Tracks are available as Hand Drawn and Cord Drawn up to 6m in length. The Rod Slider is not suited to bending.

Decorative rod for tab or eyelet curtains.

Commercial & Domestic tracking. Suits both S-Wave and conventional curtains.

The clean lines of the Series 57 Fineline Track refined and discrete.

Suitable for both S-Wave and conventional Hand Drawn light to medium curtains. This track type is ued in both Commercial and Domestic applications all over the world.

Maximum fabric weight 8kg per metre.

Oslo Series 54 heavy duty flange track is built around the popular Oslo Series 52 commercial/domestic tracking system. It is ideal for hotel/motel work as well as heavy duty domestic applications. Installed, the "close to ceiling" fit allows minimal light to enter the room.

Available with three different types of runner to suit your particular requirements.

Oslo Series 53 is a light to medium weight stage track ideally suited to small theatres, school auditoriums, and social clubs.

Oslo Series 53 is an extruded aluminium track section that can be bent on a radius of 300mm as a hand drawn track only. Corded tracks can only be in straight sections. Smooth operating two wheeled runners each have a working load of 7.5kg, allowing easy operation of both bent and straight tracks.

Oslo Series 52 is a strong commercial / domestic tracking system widely used in houses and heavy use areas such as hotels, motels, hospitals and clubs.

Its designed for use with heavy curtains which run on free wheeling roller carriers allowing smooth operation of the curtains. There are two types available # 5233 standard and # 5231 swivel carrier.

The track is supported with a comprehensive range of brackets, from single screw to multi screw fixing, giving you multiple choices to meet the many demanding installation conditions that can arise.

Oslo Series 52 is a custom made track that can be hand or cord drawn. Cord drawn tracks can only be straight. Hand drawn tracks can be factory bent and curved to your specifications.

Oslo Series 52 tracks are manufactured from aluminium with dimensions of 20mm x 16mm in 6000mm lengths. A solid three point joiner set is available for joining tracks longer than the standard extrusion length. Finish is powdercoated in White and Magnolia as standard colours, other colours are available upon request.

Commercial & Domestic tracking. Suits both S-Wave & conventional curtains.

This stylish new product comes with the new “Easy Clip” and cover plates for face fix brackets to give a clean finish, hiding all screws.

Made with the highest quality aluminium, the track is slim and compact, yet strong and reliable, suitable for conventional and S-Wave curtains. Known for its versatility, this track can be used for both commercial and domestic application such as hotels, homes, shops, aged care etc.

Unlike Anodised, the Platinum has a special electro plated finish allowing runners to glide through the track with minimal friction. Platinum is unique to Oslo. Initially available in White and Platinum, more colours will be available with demand.

The Oslo Series 50 can also be mitre returned to the wall to produce the ultimate clean line finish.

The Series 40 Roman and Austrian shade tracking system is designed for the discerning interior decorator and architect and will enhance any home.

The main feature of the Series 40 system is that the lift drums and shaft are concealed within a modern powder coated track profile.

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