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Series 98-99 Hospital Tracking

Oslo Series 98 and 99 hospital tracking systems allow many choices of configuration for bed screens in public and private hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and doctors surgeries. It can be attached directly to the ceiling or supported with drop rods.

The Oslo hospital tracks are available as Series 99 standard Systems, (20mm x 38mm dimension) which can be used as a fixed rigid rail as well as the versatile movable rail. The smaller sized section Series 98 (20mm x 25mm dimensions) is only available as a fixed rigid rail layout.

This Series 99 system is supported by a quick loading cassette for fast and easy removal / replacement of curtains. A two wheeled hook runner for free movement of curtains and an adjustable height 5 Point I.V. Tree.

Series 98 and 99 aluminium track can be bent around a 300mm radius allowing multiple layouts to suit your requirements. Available as clear anodised and white powder coated finish as standard.

Colour(s): White and Clear Anodised
Dimensions: 98: 20 x 25mm, 99: 20 x 38mm
Bending: 98: 250mm Radius Bends and continuous curves, 99: 250mm Radius bends
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